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Coming just over a year after the unforeseen success of the PS2 launch title SSX, Electronic Arts’ new EA Sports Big division delivers this revamped and refined version of the game for the Xbox. Players choose from a bevy of distinctive boarder characters to tackle both realistic and fantastic courses full of opportunities to show off. As in the original, this game follows the extreme sports convention of tricks and combinations for high scores that unlock new courses and improve characters.

Six characters from the original PlayStation 2 game return in this version, joined by six new characters. Two new courses have been added and the venues of the original have been redesigned for this release. Appropriately, several new tricks are available in SSX Tricky as well, including many that involve the character flipping or spinning away from his or her board in midair. Along with such improvements and enhancements, the dreamy environments and intuitive control system that won fans for the original are carefully retained in this second version of the game.


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