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n the spirit of games like Micro Machines and RC Revenge Pro comes Room Zoom, a miniature car racing game set in large, real-world environments like kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The action is divided into three progressively challenging circuits, each offering a series of five races. Winning a race advances players and their selected vehicle to the next event until they are eventually crowned champion. As expected, the courses all feature a number of hazards in the form of ketchup bottles, baking soda, scrubbing brushes, and more, depending on the environment.

Each race is also worth more than bragging rights. Players can amass points that can be exchanged for various parts to use in a level editor, allowing would-be track designers to create their own architectural masterpieces. Another feature is the ability to build new car types by collecting parts found along the tracks, many of which are hidden out of view. In addition to high-speed racing, players can use three types of power-ups (ice, fire, and electricity) to help thwart their opponents or to influence the environment. Using electricity on an appliance will activate it, for example, while water in a sink can be frozen solid.


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