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Gamers can take on the responsibility and enjoy pet ownership fun as they adopt their own virtual kitten in Purr Pals. Players can choose from a selection of more than 40 cat breeds, and then further customize their feline friend by selecting its name, gender, eye and whisker color, and fur color and markings. Gamers can also customize their kitten’s environment with unique baskets, food and water bowls, paint, rugs, furniture, flowers, and outfits for special occasions. Players can enter their fully designed kittens in competitions to earn new outfits and other prizes, but cats will only win if they have been fed, groomed, and given proper attention. Above all, kittens want to play, and gamers can oblige their virtual pets by turning the Wii Remote into an interactive toy like a laser pointer or fishing string.
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Nintendo Wii
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Purr Pals

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Pet, feed, groom, play, and enter competitions with a virtual kitten Choose from more than 40 popular cat breeds Customize your kitty’s appearance and living area
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  1. admin

    For kids but it is a fun game!

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