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In Fuzion Frenzy, players are required to compete in various mini-games that test the competitors’ endurance, skill, and reflexes. Developed by Blitz Games, Fuzion Frenzy builds on the foundation set by earlier titles in the genre.

Billed as a “futuristic street sport,” Fuzion Frenzy pits up to four gamers against each other in over 40 mini-games. The mini-games themselves make up the majority of the gameplay and cover a wide range of sports and disciplines, from a variety of bumper cars to high-speed boat races.

Before players can enter a mini-game however, they will need to compete in one of six different arenas. By collecting various objects in the arena players can form a makeshift ball which can then be fired into a scoring hole. By scoring five times, a mini-game will be initiated. Players can customize the length of each game or participate in individual mini-games.


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